Monday, April 21, 2014


By Emma Lippincott
credits: account of meez is owned by me, I like Monster High and cats.

Cam's View
I went home and was having a blast and taking total selfies. That's when my cat crawled onto my bed.
"Dotty!!" I said, squeaking with joy.
Hello, I am Cam. I call myself Cam but my real name is Camilla. Camilla Mia Jackson. Please call me Cam. I am in love with Monster High and cats. I play this game called meez and my avatar is wearing a bunch of cat stuff. My username is novi101aliengirl. I wanna change my username to Novix or Novvix. I decided to get on my computer and played meez. I talked to my friend who also likes cats. I decided to buy new cat items. Now my avatar was wearing: diamond cat ears, VIP curly hair, a cat necklace, a cat tank top, cat tail, cat contacts, cat socks, Dancer shorts, and cat paw shoes.

Sugar Kitty's View
When I walked into school with my two sisters, Thunder Cat and Black Skittle, I saw Cam. I smiled. But Black Skittle stared and me a scolded me with a frown. Black Skittle doesn't like Cam. Black Skittle's best friend is a girl named Tori. They are both rude and mean. But Thunder Cat and Tori's older sister, Novi are really nice. They like that Cam and I are friend's. They are also out friends.
Cam walked over to me and smiled.
"HI!" She said.
"Let's go to the library and play meez!" I said, pulling her along.

Novi's View
Okay. My real name is Novvix. But I call myself Novi. I have no idea why, but I would like to know why my little sister, Tori is such a brat. She doesn't even care. No wonder she only has Black Skittle. Black Skittle is almost just like HER! Cool.
I walked around the house on the phone with Cam. She was talking about Dotty. Her cat was doing very interesting stuff these days. She said currently, her cat was on the ceiling and could not get her down. I told her, I wish I could help but I can't.

Black Skittle's View
I was named because I spit up on my dad when I was a baby and when I was a baby, I enjoyed skittles. Like I'd even raid the counter for them. But Mom would catch me and put me in the crib. But there's one person at school I don't like. That's my sisters, and Tori's sister and Cam! Especially CAM!
I waked around the house, trying to mind my own business, but I'd run into someone every five minutes. >_< SO MAD HERE!
"I can't find my PANTS!" Sugar Kitty says from her room.
"Here!" Mom says, standing outside the room and holding her pants into her room. In the other hand a laundry basket. O_O
"UGH! Where's my headband? I have to look cute!" Thunder Cat says.
"ALL OF YOU, SHUT UP!!" I screamed. I got in trouble for that.

Tori's View
HIYA! I'm Tori also known as Toralei. Call me Tori!
BRB, my older sister can't find her stupid headband and she says, "I must look stylish!"
Back. My older sister doesn't GO to school. She has a job instead. >_____< ARGH!!

Thunder Cat's View
Cam came over today to play with Sugar Kitty. We practically gave Black Skittle a heart attack, because we were having a sleepover. So we decided to scare Black Skittle. She went to the bathroom, but the funny part was, we were all hiding in the shower. Hahahaha! I'm so happy that Cam accepts me as one of he friend's, even though I'm older than her!

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