Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Rival Sister Diaries: Final Draft

Marlene and Sandy Silva: The Rival Sister Diaries
By Emma Lippincott

I felt a cold blast of air coming from the heater, like I was in a blizzard. My older sister walked by and pushed me down.
"Hee Hee!" She snickered. I was ready to punch her in the face.
My name is Marlene Silva. My sister is Sandy Silva. Sandy likes to dig around my room, for my special box. I can't say what's in the box, because it's a secret. It has a lock with the base shaped like a skull with a bow. Sandy looks everywhere for the key. She turns the house and or my room upside down. What I think is stupid of her, is that the key is on my neck, the whole time. She doesn't bother to look at my necklaces. 1 because I tuck them in my shirt. 2 because she hates jewelry. 3 She thinks I wear old fashioned jewelry. She hates that kind even more.
I chased her and kicked her. With that, she always goes to Mom or Dad and blames what SHE started on me. So that's why I'm almost always in my room. Mom and Dad treat Sandy like she's a princess and like I'm the maid.
My room is really randomly decorated. A Monster High doll house in the corner all painted in blue, purple and black. My bed is red. My dresser, I painted that tie-dye. Then the special box is painted black, hiding at the top of my loft bed, behind the books on the mini bookshelf that I have up there. You get the point.
Sandy's room is more girly colors than anything. She has a bunch of One Direction posters and Justin Bieber posters hung up all around. She even has some on the ceiling. She's a total boy band addict. She wants to be a rock singer. But the chances she has of that happening are 1 to 0. I mean, because her singing SUCKS!!!! She's been taking vocal lesson's ever since she was in second grade and she is still the worst singer out of her class, by far!
I don't like Sandy. It's always Sandy this, Sandy that! I'm sick of everyone feeding up to her. It's like she the richest princess in the entire universe! I wish people would treat me that way. Everyone believes her when she blames something on me. It's like I've been sent to court and have don't say in it, every time!!!
Another reason I hate Sandy is that she always says cuss words. I never do!!!! And they still like her more than me!!
The last reason I hate Sandy is of her good grades. I'm always getting F's. I do my homework at night so when I'm done, I put in in my folder in my backpack. Then Sandy sneaks in, in the middle of the night, and switches my paper with her poorly written one. And I go to school with that get get an F. She always has A's because she steals my work. If  I told Mom and Dad, they would kill me for blaming something on her.
I was sitting at my desk staring at my Deuce Gorgon doll and out the window. When I heard a knock at the door, I just said, "What?!" They invited themselves in. It was Sandy. She was holding something behind her back.
"Look what I found in your Diary!" she said, holding out the picture for me to see. I was shocked. It was my picture of the person I used to like. Now with Deuce's picture over his face. My old crush was a boy named Andy Anderson. I wrote in parentheses: half angel, half love under Andy's name. He was floating away. But we were both grabbing a heart. I crossed off his name and replaced it with Deuce. I drew hearts all over it in highlighter. I even put a heart with the letter's M.S.+D.G. by Deuce's head.
I shook my head. I quickly grabbed it from her. We have the same diaries. Well same brand with locks and keys. She knows where I hide my key. I know where she hides her key. I decided to move my key to my neck. With the secret box key.
"At least my hobbies are realistic, unlike those Monster High dolls you collect!" Sandy pointed.
"At least I don't have to worry with someone texting me every five seconds!" I tried to make a comeback.
"Well. At least I did not inherit that demon gene from Dad!" Sandy shouted.
"Shut up!" I screamed. "I at least know a lot about a lot of things!"
"For your birthday, your getting coal!" Sandy said.
"Shut up!" I yelled. I was sent to my room for that. I can't blame myself. Sandy just is a bundle of mean! I stared at my doll collection. I had a new doll and no more room. My Dad said that he would get me another shelf. At least my Dad likes me more than Sandy. He likes Sandy, just not as much. He thinks she's spoiled, which she is.
I stared out the window. Down the block there was a house that looked like a pile of dust. It was all gross and worn and ugly. I can't believe that someone named Freya Smith asked to buy it! Well, the only thing I can say is that that house is as ugly as Freya Smith!
Again, there went Freya Smith and her daughter, Reny Smith (Reen-y), going to check out the house. Well, they already bought it. They are just trying to improve it. I saw there mouths move. They were having a conversation. Next thing I knew, Reny was walking up to my front door. My Mom called me. I ran down the stairs.
"Hi! I am Reny Smith. I am moving in down the block. I heard that it is your birthday next week. Do you think I can come to the party?" she asked.
"Hi. I am Marlene Silva. I dunno if you can to the party. My friend is going to be there and that's all, really." I said. "I don't mean to be rude."
"Please!! I need to make friends in this new place!" Reny said. "Plus, it will be great and fun for me!"
Sandy walked by the door and said, "Of course you can come, Reny! Marlene would love to have you at her party!" Sandy's grin was growing bigger.
"Great! See you then!" Reny said as she skipped away. I turned around. Sandy, of course, was gone. A few minutes alter, she reappeared with a box wrapped up.
"This is for you." She handed me the box.
"Okay......Thank you?" I replied. I opened the box. A Monster High doll, Catty Noir. "Oh my gosh!!" I set the doll with my Catrine doll. I opened the door just as she was leaving and about to close it. "Why did you invite her? She has a million freckles and pimples on her face! Not to mention, redheads are ugly! Why?!"
"I know what you want. I'm going to make sure she buys it for you." Sandy said, kind of smiling.
"She does not know what I want! I want basically is impossible to get!" I said.
"I'm going to get in trouble on your birthday and said that I did it. Which I will have done it." She said.
"That nice of you, but you're are never nice like that to me."  I whispered. She closed the door. I stared at the closed door for a minute. Wait! Sandy is going to prank me!!! She does not have a nice side! I thought.
I decided that I wanted a snack. I walked down the hall to the stairs. The stairs go straight down to the living room or you can take the side stairs at the half way point that lead to the den. I walked down the stairs to the living room. There is no TV in the living room. The living room is more like a chatting room and an entry. The den is where the TV is.  I walked through the living room and the dinning room to the kitchen. Painted pink tiles line the floor of our kitchen. I have to admit, Sandy has a good taste in the color pink.
"Hi, Mom." I waved to her. "Can I have a snack?" She handed me a plate of chips. "Thank you." Mom barely ever talks. The only time Mom talks is when she is talking to Dad. I'm surprised that she never screamed when she found out that he was a demon. I believe she just fainted. The good thing is that Dad does not use his demon powers on us or on Mom. He's basically a good demon. Mom will talk every once in a while to us. More like once a week. Dad will not shut up, most of the time. I walked into the den, where Sandy was sitting on the couch, texting Elly Salem, her best friend.
"HA! That's so true!!" she said. She was calling her, not texting. "Liza is as big of a loser as Marlene!"
I just walked away. I hummed. I sat down on a chair and ate my chips. I threw the paper plate in the trash. I went back up to my room and got out a piece of paper. I opened my drawer and took out a pencil. I decided to draw Monster High. I am pretty good at drawing. Just as I started the first line, there was knock at the door. It was Dad. He was holding a bag.
He handed to me and said, "Sandy wanted you to have this." I took the bag from his and and he smiled. I opened the bag and found a small box. I opened the box.
"Sandy's old iPhone?" I asked. "Wha-? I thought she wanted to keep it."
"She never wanted to keep it. As soon as she got the new one, she knew that you would probably want the old one." he said.
"Oh." I said. He closed the door. I walked to my desk and tried to figure out how to operate it. A bunch of apps that I have no idea what I'd use them for. In photo booth app I started taking pictures of My Monster High doll collection. A lot of them turned out funny but that's what photo booth is supposed to do. It makes pictures fun, though. I downloaded apps. A truck load of apps. I even downloaded the Monster High app. I picked up one of my dolls. Her name was Toralei. I fiddled with her. She was orange. And when I say orange, I mean: ORANGE. She's very pretty, too. I played with the Monster High app for a while, until Mom called for lunch. Poo. Lunch. It's a family gathering where I gotta be the one sitting next to Sandy. Hmph. It's no fun. Seriously. I won't say all the details because, it's actually kind of disgusting. All I know, Sandy tells me what she finds in my dairy. Well, today, she won't have anything to say because she already ratted me out.
When I walked down stairs, there was a present sitting in my spot. "Huh? What's that?" I asked. Sandy shrugged. I opened it up. There was a movie. "InuYasha movie 1" I read. "Cool! I'll watch it later."
We ate lunch. Mom had cooked mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey. After lunch, we kind of go off on our own. I went over to Liza's house. Sandy went into her room. Dad and Mom went up to their room to make out. Ewwwwww.
Liza Salem and her older sister (Elly who is friends with Sandy) live a block away. I walk because it is fun to walk all around the neighborhood. Their house is painted pink for some reason. There are only 10 windows on the whole house. Liza's room is on the third floor and has purple wall paper. Her bed is cornered next to the closet. She has two computers. She never let's anyone in her family use one of them. That one, I can only use it. She says it soon can be mine.
I walked up the porch steps and rung the door bell. Liza's Mom appeared at the door. "Welcome, Marlene. Liza is up in her room." she said.
"Hi. Okay, thanks." I move past her and walk up the creaky steps. There are 20 steps to the second floor. There are 5 steps to the third floor. The third floor is really close to the second floor but it lives above the garage. Liza must have heard me coming because when I got to her door, she opened it and hugged me real tight. I told her that I couldn't breathe so she let go of me and invited me in.
"Look! I got a Toralei!!" she held up the doll so I could see.
"Cool! You need to buy her friends." I said.
"I already did." she smiled. "I bought them at the same time." I stared at her shelf. Sure enough, the dolls were there. She handed me a doll. Then the other. She grabbed another one. "Catty Noir shall not be in this game."
"Okay." I made the dolls hold hands. "'Hi, Toralei. How are ya?'"
"'I'm good. You ghouls?'" Liza wiggled the doll.
"'Eh.' 'Purrsephone! Not that kind of attitude! Drop it or drop dead!' 'Okay. Sorry.'" I made them say. We decided that we wanted to play with the Monster High computer apps. Liza handed me the laptop, while she logged on to hers. "My avatar looks silly!" I laughed.
"So does mine! We haven't adapted to the game, just yet." Liza said.
"Don't lecture me! I'm half demon!" I quickly covered my mouth. "I did not say demon, I said, uh, cat."
"Yea, right. I heard the word demon come out. Spill it." she smiled.
"Yes, it's true. My Dad is a demon. Sandy is all human. I could kill her but I prefer not to. She did not inherit the gene when I did. That's why my eyes are slits and my nails are long and why my eyes turn blood or fire red when I'm mad." I explained. "When I turn into full demon form, my hair turns white."
"Wow." her mouth dropped open. "That's so cool!!!!!!"
"It is?" I asked.
"Yes! I never thought demons were real, all though my Dad told me stories of demons killing people. I never believed a word of it. Now here I am sitting with my friend who is a demon! That's so cool!" she sounded excited.
"Did I mention that I'm  not full demon? I said: I am half demon." I protested.
"Same thing." she said.
"No. Not the same thing. I am half demon because my Dad is full demon and my Mom is human. I am a half breed, Liza." I put my finger over her mouth. "But, you cannot tell another living soul. Not even your parents or Elly."
"I promise! Let me see you teeth." She moved my finger from her mouth and opened my mouth. "Wow! You do have four fangs! Two on the top and bottom! That's cool! In your full demon form, what color are your eyes?"
"Red." I moved her hands from poking my fangs.
"Those are super sharp! I love them! Can you make me into a demon?" she poked my fangs.
"I know. I cannot make you into a demon. You have to be born a demon or born half demon. Yes, half demon's can turn into full demon's if they marry another demon. That's what I want to do." I removed her hand from inside my mouth. "But be warned, Liza. When I'm full demon during the new moon, I don't remember anything except kill. I also turn full human on full moons."
"Wow. Okay. Do you have like powers and stuff?" she asked, poking my pointed ears.
"Yea. I can fly. I have claws, a force field and an ax. I have more attacks, but if I tell you, they could kill you. Yes, they are that deadly." I said.
"Cool! Are you a good demon?" she pondered me with another question.
"Yea. For now. My Dad is also a good demon." I said. "But remember, I'm only a bad demon on a new moon night. So, stay away from me on those nights."
She stared at me. "Totally freak fabulous!" she yapped. I stared at her.
"Wow..." I said. "Man, sometimes I wish I could live a normal life..."
"You may not be normal but anyone in a million years would love to trade places with you! You live forever!" Liza jumped.
I turned my head away. "I'll see you later, I want to be alone....for now...."
"Wait, one last thing!"  She walked me to the backyard, pulling my ear. "Fly." she said. "I want to see you fly." I lifted m feet off the ground. "Wow! Fly up to the roof." I did as she said. "Cool!!!!!!" I flew back down to the ground. I put up my force field.
"The harder the hit, the harder the bounce back." I said. "I gotta go." She smiled and nodded.
"See you tomorrow," she waved. I flew over the houses and landed on a car. I hopped off when it got close to my house. Wow! I can't believe I had to mention the demon part?! What the hell is wrong with me?! I thought.
When I walked back up to my room, there was another present sitting at my door. I opened the card that was sitting on top.
Dear Marlene, 
You shall find your birthday 
party at your 
favorite meal of
the day. 
Happy birthday!


I opened the gift. It was another InuYasha movie.  I placed it next to the other one. Mom called for dinner. I walked down the stairs. There was a banner, cake, even more gifts and confetti. 
Sandy walked up behind me and said, "Happy Birthday, little sis!" She actually smiled for the first time, at me! I opened the the gifts. More Monster High dolls, another InuYasha movie, a blanket, stuffed animal cat, and another diary. We ate the cake that was Monster High decorated. Mom took pictures of the cake, me blowing out the candles and what the cake looked like after we ate it. 
"Happy birthday, my baby." Mom said. That was the first time she ever spoke a long full sentence to me. 
"As I said, Happy Birthday, little sis! But, don't count on me being nice t you. everyday." Sandy patted my shoulder. I looked up and smiled. 
"I won't." I said. "Your an awesome bug sister." I ran upstairs and brought my box down. "You get to see what I keep in it." I said. I took the key from my neck and opened it up. It was the rarest of Monster High dolls. "Hee hee!" 
"Mom, Dad. I don't want you to treat me differently than Marlene. She deserves what I get just as much." Sandy said. Mom and Dad looked at each other and smiled. Those words changed me. Not only me, but my life. 

Two Hundred and Forty Six Years Later
I am still alive. Since I'm demon, I won't die. I married a good demon, just like myself. Sandy and Mom have been gone for decades. Me, my husband and baby and Dad bought a house not far from our own. Liza is also gone. I miss them all. New humans come and go. The ones we learn to love, never stay long enough.
I made a demon friend. But he's only young. He's really fun and adorable. His name is Johnny. His Mom has died, too. He looks like he's like 10 but when he's really 145 years old. That's the thing with demons, once your human family dies, you stay the same age you were when they died. So Mom and Sandy died when I was like 17. So, I'm 17 until the world ends. 
The humans in a demon's life, never seem to stay long enough for you to get to know and love them. Everyday, I sit by Mom and Sandy's grave. I feel as if they are still with me. They may have died physically, but I can still hear their voices in my head. I named stars after them. I never would forget them. The day I turned 11, I was so happy. Then one day, they went to go to the store but never came back. They got in a car  wreck, they had to go to the hospital. They didn't make it. Their injury's were so bad. I feel so bad. I can't go one day without my mind reminding me of that day. 
Dad came out of the house. "Marlene? Where are you?" He searched around the outside of the house. He saw a gate in the back yard. He saw me, sitting by the creak by Mom and Sandy's grave. 
"Daddy? Why did they have to leave?" I asked as tears streamed down my face. 
"Oh, honey." He hugged me. He felt as if he was also crying. "No human makes it out of this world alive. We won't even make it out of this world alive. We shall die when the world dies." We were both crying. "Humans never come to stay long enough for you to get to love them and know them." he said. He let go of me. 
"How are you still alive if Mom died?" I asked. 
"Well. Since My Parents died in a demon war, I was still alive. Something let me grow a little older. Old enough to make a family. So now that Your Mom and Sandy are gone, our growth has stopped." he explained. 
"What shall happen to all the demons when earth ends?" I asked. 
"We shall die, just like everyone else." He said. "Nothing lasts forever." I hugged him. He put his arms around me. 
"Daddy, I don't want to die." I cried. 
"Nobody wants to. But nobody is given the choice." he said. He hugged me tighter. "We shall be together until the world ends." He started to cry, too. The sun was just starting to set. 
I never forgot the part of me that was human. 
Humans in a demon's life never stay long enough for you to get to know and love them. That goes with everyone. 
We sat in the sunset, crying, over Mom and Sandy. My husband came with the little girl named Lily and sat with us until it got dark. We were together until the world ended. 


  1. Wow Emma that was deep. I love how in the end she died with family.

  2. I loved it!! good work it was so real and unreal it just made sense like that cx lol but yeah love the work and even how you incorperated your personal interest in it but maybe focus more on her hearts desire. overall i loved it all (: