Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Feeling The Power...... ;D

Feeling The Power (revision)
By Emma Lippincott

I walked into my house.
I felt like I glowed.
Standing on the balcony 
Looking up at the stars. 
Am I beautiful with this shimmering dress? 
Someone walked up behind me. 
"Baby, You don't need a pretty dress. You're beautiful just the way you are." 
With that, he stripped me of my treasure leaving me
In my patched up pajama's. 
He threw my treasure away. 
I wanted to slap him. 
Instead, tears rushing down my face. 
"Why? Why? How could you do that?" I whispered with my tears. 
I wanted to push him. 
"I told you." He replied.
I snuggled my head into his arms. 
"You let my greatest treasure leave me." 
I pushed him off the balcony.
I heard a loud thump. 
He's dead. 
I snuggled my head in my coat. 
"He did it to me."
He deserved it. 
But did he or did I? 
He deserved it.
Did he deserve it? 
I threw myself after him. 
I was no more. 
I loved him so much. 
I gave him something I deserved.
But I did give it to myself too.
I figured out that no earthly item can overcome
The power of Love. 
Because I loved him.
I loved him lots. 
I got my nerves fed up
With him. 
He pulled my tail. 
He pushed my buttons.
He took my ice cream.
He was love. 
My love.
Power of love.........

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  1. Feeling the Power: I love the line, "I felt like I glowed." This hints at a lot. I'm curious about the ideas beneath this poem. The one you poseted is different than the one you read in class, I think? You mentioned a dress in the one you performed?