Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home By Emma Lippincott

by Emma Lippincott

From the days I have wandered
To the
Places I've known
I've been looking for a place to call
My very own.
I've never known about anything
Until I came to a world that is so strange.
Did I die and come back to life?
Was I killed and burnt?
Does anybody know about what happened to me?
Because I obviously don't know.
I have tear stains on my eyes,
I'm crippled by love fear
I know all the lines,
I know all the answers,
I'll try to do better,
Until I'm too weak to try.
I will try to do better until
Can find a place to call
My own place.
A place that I can call home........

1 comment:

  1. This is a very deep poem. I really love how you said, "I have tear stains on my eyes, I'm crippled by love fear" I really love how it shows what you see yourself when your thinking about this particular subject. you didn't just say, "I feel sad." You actually used an amazingly used comparison between how you feel on the outside, versus the inside.