Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Feeling the Power

I can feel the power as the dress brightens up
The citizens all looking at me as I walk through the
Gate of this very poor
Town of which I have to live in.
My town's riches are not much,
What has become of my town's riches?
Richie the boy who lives next door,
Says, "I have the power! I want the power! The power to be
in tat ole royal family."
He slumped his back
and kicked some dust.
Then he realized how beautiful my dress was.
"Where did you get that amazing treasure?"
He asked.
"I got it in another town, 2000 Kikio's."
I replied.
"Give it away, to our town."he said.
I was going to give my dress away.
To our poor town.
I can feel the power,
The riches,
The service that I have done.
All the power.

1 comment:

  1. Emma,

    The ideas of money, power, and sacrifice that you touch on in this poem are really thoughtful! I also liked the previous poem you did about adoption and finding home. Keep pushing your writing. Don't get too comfortable with any one kind of writing or topic--you have important things to say!